Sangoma phone

Sangoma phone connect to pbx Sangoma phone provision limitation DPMA module requirement: complicated Activation your freepbx: OOBE endpoint manager module configuration: EOP Sangoma Redirection Service:

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Setting up WebRTC softphone

freepbx webrt config queuemetrics webrtc Configuring FreePBX We start by creating an extension and a user linked to it. Login in the FreePBX administration page and go to:

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freepbx UCP config

call forwarding, call waiting, dot not disturb, call history, voice mail, call events

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Setting up a softphone

Characteristics of a Smartphone Calls can be made from smartphone without using cellular minutes.  Particularly useful when roaming Calls can be made using your office callerid rather than cell number.  Keep your cell number private for business calls Can be configured to receive calls made to your office extension, as an alternative to call forward/follow […]

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mirtapbx installation on droplet

centos, CentOS 7 64bit database replacing MariaDB with MySQL 5.7 cat fulldump.sql | mysql -u root -ppassw0rd –max-allowed-packet=1024M –force cpu frequency, should get “performance” by following cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor 2 cpu, 500G disk ? Mirtapbx installation url: ftp upload mirtapbx06 install script hostnamectl set-hostname mirtapbx01 –static

Yealink parking and VoIP FAQ

sometimes, why incoming calls from Europe fail to enter company IVR menu ? – DTMF tones are not being transmitted correctly by the original carrier or someone in between. Chances are, the international carrier is the problem. Like almost all carriers, in North America, we use RFC2833. Sometimes intenational carriers send it inband and the […]

Twilio Queue

“agents list”, then login / logout.

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