simple call blaster

create a csv file, which include all destination numbers, sample as follows


on web page as follows, upload csv file


click button “upload and Initiate calls”, csv file will be uploaded and asterisk dial automatically. while connected, play the “welcome” message, after, there is option to press 1 or 2, in this example, option 1 to ring extension 555, option to ring extension 10, the extension can be replaced with ring group/queue/ivr feature code.

after all call has been made, a new call log csv file is generated. sample as follows.


the first line, client hear the message, then press button 2

the second line, client hear the message, then hangup, no any button is pressed.

working environment: freepbx 13 + blaster web code

to make an appointment for a test, please add my Skype id: wtaochange