1. sometimes, why incoming calls from Europe fail to enter company IVR menu ? – DTMF tones are not being transmitted correctly by the original carrier or someone in between. Chances are, the international carrier is the problem. Like almost all carriers, in North America, we use RFC2833. Sometimes intenational carriers send it inband and the conversion is incorrect. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that we can do on our end. The callers may try with their provider. Usually, these things appear fix themselves when the carrier gets enough complaints
  2. does VOIP 911 is supported ? – VOIP providers are mandated by the CRTC (Canada Government Department) to offer 911 service. VoIP technology offers 911 service which differs from the traditional 911 services on landlines. VOIP company maintains your physical address in their system. 911 emergency calls are routed to a national call centre where callers are asked to confirm the physical address on file before being transferred to the closest emergency access point. This process will take more time than calling from a traditional landline where the location is already known.