SRV in DNS config – gs ATA config

Godaddy: pjsip srv sudomain

Linux: dig SRV
not work, seems good to me

priority must be different, 1 is primary, 1 is backup.

[root@srv02 mirtapbx]# host -t SRV has SRV record 10 50 5060 has SRV record 10 50 5060

As you can see, the phones registering on will "ping-pong" over these two servers. What happens is the following:

- the phone is registered on pbx7 and it is currently in a call
- the registration timeout is over and the phone "switch" from pbx7 to pbx5, doing so, it deregisters first from pbx7
- the phone is not "UNAVAILABLE"
- the phone registers on pbx5 and now it is "NOT INUSE"
- a new call arrives and it is received while the phone is still in use.