Port number in US or Canada

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Twilio instruction for US number

Twilio instructions for Canada number

LOA: Letter of Authorization vi twilio

CSR: Customer Service Record

first, your cell number must be active and can not be in the cancelling process. and your cell account has no billing issue such as negative balance,
after, Email or call the cell carrier Porting department , tell them, you want to port out your number, ask them, if it is possible ? if yes, request them to provide CSR: Customer Service Record. it usually

include your cell number, address (usually same with your billing address), and account pin

you can check this, for some common mistakes in the porting


after this is done, let me know. thank you very much.

for CSR introduction, please check: https://support.twilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/223179408-How-can-I-obtain-a-CSR-