Twilio CNAM

I am glad about the meeting we had, in which we could confirm that our primary line information database is registering the CNAM you have updated on trust hub for number 6176318908, as shown below:
We also found out that external third party databases are already displaying this information as shown in this URL:
And also the Lookup tool of Twilio has been updated with the information required.
Caller ID query/return is generally the responsibility of the terminating carrier. While many terminating carriers query the database we use for Caller ID, some query other databases and some require their subscribers to purchase enhanced services for Caller ID return.

I just want to set your expectations here. We consider this a best-effort scenario where we can request our provider update the CNAM for a Twilio phone number, however, as mentioned we are unable to guarantee it's delivery to a destination simply due to us not having control over how the destination carrier queries a number.

Canada use sip header for caller name, USA use cnam database

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