SPA514G registration failed – ICMP

ICMP message type 3 is an unreachable message. Within this message type are a number of “codes” which define various types of messages. This table is from IANA and shows the various types:3 Destination Unreachable [RFC792] Codes: 0 Net Unreachable [RFC792]1 Host Unreachable [RFC792]2 Protocol Unreachable [RFC792]3 Port Unreachable [RFC792]4 Fragmentation Needed and Don’t [RFC792]Fragment …

Yeaklink 56H connect to base / repeater

connect to base, here Press the Ok key. Select Settings > Registration > Register Handset. Select the Base. connect to repeater, here Set the handset in RT30 repeater mode at with the path: Settings-> System Settings-> Repeater Mode