Fusionpbx – TLS (TCP) not work for Yealink

enable tls on fusionpbx, advanced -> variables -> sip profile internal -> enable port 5061 status -> sip status -> flush cache -> rescan internal for yealink: security -> trusted certificate -> disable for yealink: extension -> transport (TLS) why yealink not work for the above, but work for softphone http://forum.yealink.com/forum/archive/index.php?thread-3842-2.html TLS config url: here …

Freepbx ssl management – import letsencrypt – TLS extension

freepbx portal: sip-setting -> pjsip -> extension config with TLS pjsip registration: No matching endpoint found after 5 times try menuselect/menuselect –enable app_macro (asterisk 16 add app_macro) home yealink phone config without password https://download.cloudatcost.com/download/c4wn2nawgmtvwgylb6rfnwymv