Fusionpbx – release disk space

handle history files voicemail + fax handle database (postgres) stop freeswitch, make sure no new entries generated in database create a new table, same with cdr, select recent 12 months cdr entries in it, drop cdr, rename temp table as cdr, create index

How to Connect Asterisk to SignalWire CLOUD for SIP Connectivity

https://signalwire.com/blogs/product/connect-asterisk-signalwire-cloud-sip-connectivity Having recently started working with SignalWire, I was very keen to see if I could get Asterisk connected up – as just one of the things that SignalWire can do is act as a SIP trunk, providing inbound and outbound calling for your PBX or hosted PBX infrastructure. Now it’s true that SignalWire is …